Pende Series by Harry Strouzas and Fiona Mckenzie

Harry Strouzas and Fiona Mckenzie Shows The Pende Series Multifunctional Table

Harry Strouzas and Fiona McKenzie, the maker of the award winning design Multifunctional Table by Harry Strouzas and Fiona McKenzie points out, Pende means five (5) in Greek and refers to the number of legs utilised throughout the series. Clean, uncluttered lines belie the complex interplay of a polygon bracket, straight legs and structural top. Research into physical forces, triangulation and geometry result in a minimalist, light, self tightening/self supporting structure, which uses no adhesive and is flat packable. A light globe can also be fully integrated into the framework itself, resulting in a most unexpected feature lamp. This versatile design is scaleable and can be adapted to realise numerous other design capabilities..

Pende Series by Harry Strouzas and Fiona Mckenzie Images:


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