Flexibleness by Yu-Ting Chang

Yu-Ting Chang Illustrates The Flexibleness Residential House

Yu-Ting Chang, the creator of the awarded work Residential House by Yu-Ting Chang demonstrates, The design work, “Flexibleness,” is the office demonstrating the diverse styles and transmitting the distinguishing senses of sight. Ranging from the <Cropped>

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Jiaxing City Logo System Design Competition 2020

Logo System For Jiaxing City! Total Prize Is Up to ¥120, 000a City Must Have Its Own Characteristics, Its Own Culture, Its Own Features, and Its Own Brands ... These Comprehensive Manifestations Are to Be Reflected Through a Personalized Logo. This Is Wha

Logo system for jiaxing city! total prize is up to ¥120,000A city must have its own characteristics, its own culture, its own features, and its own brands ... these comprehensive manifestations are to be reflected through a personalized logo. this i <Cropped>

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Hospitality by Karr Yip and Wilson Lee

Karr Yip and Wilson Lee Demonstrates The Mount Davis Youth Hostel Hospitality

Karr Yip and Wilson Lee, the author of the displayed project Hospitality by Karr Yip and Wilson Lee explains, Mount Davis Youth Hostel – Living with Our Military History The hostel is sitting at the middle of a unique cultural landscape surrounded <Cropped>

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Soul Food-Brand Identity by Abnodesigns

Abnodesigns Presents The Soul Food Brand Identity

abnodesigns, the thinktank behind the highlighted project Soul Food by abnodesigns points out, The black-and-white monochrome logo resembles a fork with a modern, minimalist root system. The name of the restaurant Soul Food resonates with the menu of <Cropped>

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Award Winning Umpqua Bank Spokane Main Retail Store

Mccall Design Group Shares The Umpqua Bank Spokane Main Retail Store

McCall Design Group, the designer of the displayed design McCall Design Group's Umpqua Bank Spokane Main Retail Store points out, This flagship retail store in historic downtown Spokane, WA offers a destination for visitors and a hub for the com <Cropped>

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Martin Chow's It Office in Changsha Interior Design

Martin Chow Shares The It Office in Changsha Interior Design

Martin Chow, the designer of the highlighted project Martin Chow's IT office in Changsha Interior Design explicates, After 26 optional layouts, the client finally approved and appreciated our design and hard works. A casual and relax working sty <Cropped>

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Residential Building:red Apple Residential Building by Aedes Studio

Aedes Studio Shares The Red Apple Residential Building Residential Building

AEDES STUDIO, the project leader of the displayed project Residential Building:RED APPLE RESIDENTIAL BUILDING by AEDES STUDIO explicates, Amidst the 70s socialist blocks this new building contains old-new, chaos-order, private-public polarities. Lead <Cropped>

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Xy Pivot-Residential House by Cheng-Yuan Huang

Cheng-Yuan Huang Demonstrates The Xy Pivot Residential House

Cheng-Yuan Huang, the creator of the highlighted work Residential House by Cheng-Yuan Huang explains, The designers enlarged the space by designing from insides to outside. The concept of the design is extension, trying to remodel the space to make t <Cropped>

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The Habitat-Rethinking Student Housing in India

The Aim of The Competition Is to Design a Quality Student Housing For 140 Occupants in India With Different Unit Typologies Such as Studio, Double & Four Sharing Options With All State of The Art Facilities Creating Community Like Environment. The Sub

The aim of the competition is to design a quality student housing for 140 occupants in india with different unit typologies such as studio, double & four sharing options with all state of the art facilities creating community like environment. th <Cropped>

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Spa by Chuanjin Sun

Chuanjin Sun Reveals The Zhimu Spa Spa

Chuanjin Sun, the designer of the highlighted design Zhimu Spa by Chuanjin Sun explains, The designer inspired by the ancient village in southern China, creates the space in a modern and natural way. Textures of the natural materials are applied to i <Cropped>

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