Exhibit:hong Kong Key by Kelvin Chan-Hktdc

Kelvin Chan-Hktdc Shows The Hong Kong Key Exhibit

Kelvin Chan - HKTDC, the creator of the awarded design Kelvin Chan - HKTDC's Hong Kong Key Exhibit explicates, In the Belt and Road Summit 2017, jointly organized by the HKSARG, the Hong Kong Trade Development Council successfully presented “H <Cropped>

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Tic Tac Toe Packaging-Packaging by Northhook Design Studio

Northhook Design Studio Illustrates The Tic Tac Toe Packaging Packaging

Northhook Design Studio, the maker of the award winning design Packaging by Northhook Design Studio spells out, All clothing items come in a sophisticated, multi-dimensional pack. There is no front or back, both sides are treated equally. The front h <Cropped>

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Douban Movie Calendar 2019-Calendar by Douban.com

Douban.com Exhibits The Douban Movie Calendar 2019 Calendar

Douban.com, the designer of the awarded work Award Winning Douban Movie Calendar 2019 Calendar explicates, This movie-themed calendar is a decorative calendar with minimalist design. It is not only decoration on the office desktop, but also for the h <Cropped>

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Future Oven Design

Anodica and Desall Invite You to Envision The Oven of The Future, Suggesting New Functional and Aesthetic Solutions Related to The Main Components of The Oven’s Front Interface: Handle, Knobs and Profiles.new Product Design Contest On Desall.com: Anodic

Anodica and desall invite you to envision the oven of the future, suggesting new functional and aesthetic solutions related to the main components of the oven’s front interface: handle, knobs and profiles.New product design contest on desall.com: a <Cropped>

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Joel Derksen's Wikiwiki Poke Shop Branding

Joel Derksen Discloses The Wikiwiki Poke Shop Branding

Joel Derksen, the thinktank behind the awarded project Award Winning WikiWiki Poke Shop Branding explicates, Wiki Wiki's bold approach to Poke seafood dishes led us to take an equally bold approach: black and white, bold colours, and a dynamic i <Cropped>

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Hotel:xiangshawan Desert Lotus by Plat Asia

Plat Asia Exhibits The Xiangshawan Desert Lotus Hotel

PLAT ASIA, the creative mind behind the award winning project Hotel:Xiangshawan Desert Lotus by PLAT ASIA spells out, Lotus Resort is part of the Xiangshawan Desert development, which would reside in Kubuqi Area. The form of lotus is not only an arti <Cropped>

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Award Winning Ksd-1, Horizon Lounge Chair Lounge Chair

Fabrizio Constanza & Greg Jacobs Demonstrates The Ksd-1, Horizon Lounge Chair Lounge Chair

Fabrizio Constanza & Greg Jacobs, the thinktank behind the displayed design ksd-1, Horizon Lounge Chair - Lounge Chair by Fabrizio Constanza & Greg Jacobs explains, KSD-1 is a modern classic lounge chair whose design was based on vintage race <Cropped>

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Yuanbao Street-Theme Street by Ve Team

Ve Team Exhibits The Yuanbao Street Theme Street

VE Team, the author of the displayed design Theme Street by VE Team points out, The first Chinese-style animation theme block, combining with local "three kingdoms", "panda" and other labels, and deriving the consumption pattern o <Cropped>

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Basilisa-Armoire by Ito Kish

Ito Kish Demonstrates The Basilisa Armoire

Ito Kish, the designer of the awarded project Armoire by Ito Kish says, The Basilisa armoire showcases the solihiya, an intricate weave that is both functional and decorative. Functional because it strengthens and supports the object on which it is u <Cropped>

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Phenom by Zhu Jianhong

Zhu Jianhong Illustrates The Phenom Office

Zhu Jianhong, the designer of the displayed work Phenom by Zhu Jianhong explains, In this multiple office space, everyone can have conversation delightedly inside. In term of material, the basic thing is taken, such as cement, bare plywood, natural w <Cropped>

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