Adriana De Barros's Illusion-Full-Screen Redesign Website

Adriana De Barros Creates The Illusion-Full-Screen Redesign Website

Adriana de Barros, the architect of the awarded work Illusion - Full-Screen Redesign by Adriana de Barros illustrates, Illusion is an arts magazine covering fine art, graffiti, tattoo, design, and cinema. With a mission to present quality works fro <Cropped>

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Kettle, Coffee and Tea Machine, Toaster:icon Breakfast Set by Acclaimed Designer

Acclaimed Designer Reveals The Icon Breakfast Set Kettle, Coffee and Tea Machine, Toaster

The creative mind behind the awarded project Award Winning ICON breakfast set kettle, coffee and tea machine, toaster explicates, The ICON breakfast set, including filter coffee machine, kettle, long slot toaster and tea maker brings a combination of <Cropped>

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Land Art Generator Initiative 2020: Design The Future of Fly Ranch

Land Art Generator Initiative and Burning Man Project Have Partnered to Launch a Multi-Disciplinary Design Challenge—lagi 2020 Fly Ranch—that Will Create The Foundational Infrastructure of Fly Art Generator Initiative and Burning Man Projec

Land art generator initiative and burning man project have partnered to launch a multi-disciplinary design challenge—lagi 2020 fly ranch—that will create the foundational infrastructure of fly ranch.Land art generator initiative and burning man p <Cropped>

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Citiport by Anadolu Isuzu Design Team

Anadolu Isuzu Design Team Presents The Citiport Public Transportation Vehicle

Anadolu Isuzu Design Team, the creator of the highlighted work Award Winning Citiport Public Transportation Vehicle explains, Citiports design language can be defined as strong and dynamic. Designers focused on a human oriented design approach. Group <Cropped>

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La Chaise Impossible-Chair by Enrique Rodríguez

Enrique Rodríguez Creates The La Chaise Impossible Chair

Enrique Rodríguez, the maker of the displayed design Chair by Enrique Rodríguez explains, Attractive Clean Design. "The Impossible Chair" stands in only two legs. It's lightweight; 5 to 10 Kgrs. Yet strong to support up to 120 Kgrs. <Cropped>

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Logo and Visual Identity:journey Beyond by Nima Rahimiha

Nima Rahimiha Demonstrates The Journey Beyond Logo and Visual Identity

Nima Rahimiha , the author of the highlighted design Journey Beyond by Nima Rahimiha explains, This is a Logo and Visual identity design for Journey Beyond, a non-profit organization based in the USA. This organization works to eliminate generational <Cropped>

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Award Winning Chalet La Pedevilla Residence & Chalet

Pedevilla Architects Shows The Chalet La Pedevilla Residence & Chalet

Pedevilla Architects, the project leader of the highlighted work Chalet La Pedevilla - Residence & Chalet by Pedevilla Architects demonstrates, In the heart of the dolomite alps, in a landscape which still is defined by agriculture, the small h <Cropped>

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An Apartment Based On Rural Architecture-Residential by Pejman Tayebi

Pejman Tayebi Shows The An Apartment Based On Rural Architecture Residential

Pejman Tayebi, the thinktank behind the awarded project An Apartment based on rural architecture by Pejman Tayebi says, The client's demands were to use several different typologies of residential units. One of the most important indicators in <Cropped>

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Si-House-Residential House by Shingyo Ozawa

Shingyo Ozawa Shares The Si-House Residential House

Shingyo Ozawa, the lead designer of the highlighted work SI-House by Shingyo Ozawa illustrates, Japan is known as a country with many earthquakes even if it is viewed worldwide. Under such circumstances, advanced structural calculation is necessary t <Cropped>

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Spatial Installation by Su Fuyuan, Chen Xuancheng & Jen Tahsie

Su Fuyuan, Chen Xuancheng & Jen Tahsie Portrays The Landscape of The Boundary Spatial Installation

Su Fuyuan, Chen Xuancheng & Jen Tahsie, the creator of the award winning project spatial installation by Su Fuyuan, Chen Xuancheng & Jen Tahsie demonstrates, The concept of "Landscape of the Boundary" refers to the bamboo scaffoldin <Cropped>

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