Award Winning Sierra-Kindle Living Outdoor Patio Heater

Arturo Fis Creates The Sierra-Kindle Living Outdoor Patio Heater

Arturo Fis, the designer of the displayed design Outdoor Patio Heater by Arturo Fis says, With Sierra, Kindle Living has transformed the unattractive approach to outdoor heaters into a luxurious experience full of style, elegance, and glamour never <Cropped>

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Rings by Pawel Kaczynski

Pawel Kaczynski Creates The Amber Around The World Rings

Pawel Kaczynski, the creative mind behind the awarded work AMBER AROUND the WORLD by Pawel Kaczynski spells out, Amber the stone occurring on various continents of the earth . The main aim was to present amber coming from various corners of the world <Cropped>

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Coral Wall Panel by Maricris Floirendo Brias

Maricris Floirendo Brias Portrays The Coral Wall Panel Wall Panel

Maricris Floirendo Brias, the creator of the award winning design Coral Wall Panel - Wall Panel by Maricris Floirendo Brias points out, The coral wall panel is created as a decorative accent for the home. Inspired by the sea life and beauty of the <Cropped>

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Award Winning Yishouyuan Package

Dongdao Design Team Shows The Yishouyuan Package

Dongdao Design Team , the creator of the award winning design Yishouyuan by Dongdao Design Team explains, Health & Love (Chinese name Yishouyuan) is a honey brand. The designer emphasized on the modern Chinese health-keeping concept on the packa <Cropped>

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Logo by Zhanglian Yan

Zhanglian Yan Demonstrates The Wuhan City Logo

Zhanglian Yan, the author of the highlighted design Wuhan City by Zhanglian Yan explicates, This work is the logo of Wuhan "City of Design" in the United Nations creative network city, which was adopted by Wuhan City and UNESCO and represen <Cropped>

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Drinking Fountain:sofia Drinking Fountain by Dragomir Suka

Dragomir Suka Discloses The Sofia Drinking Fountain Drinking Fountain

Dragomir Suka, the project leader of the displayed design drinking fountain by Dragomir Suka points out, Sofija drinking fountain design whit its minimalistic form complemented by the nature of the water allows all users an equally easy access to the <Cropped>

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An Olive Bowl:oli by Miguel Pinto Félix

Miguel Pinto Félix Portrays The Oli An Olive Bowl

Miguel Pinto Félix, the creator of the highlighted design An olive bowl:Oli by Miguel Pinto Félix points out, OLI, a visually minimalist object, was conceived based on its function, the idea of hiding the pits arising from a specific need. It follo <Cropped>

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Base-Typeface by Franco Cervi

Franco Cervi Shares The Base Typeface

Franco Cervi, the architect of the award winning project Franco Cervi's BASE Typeface illustrates, “Base” is the name of a typeface conceived and designed by Franco Cervi. The project sums up a minimalist approach, formal rigor and an aptit <Cropped>

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Dice by Marco Vanucci-Opensystems Architecture

Marco Vanucci-Opensystems Architecture Portrays The Dice Retail Display

Marco Vanucci - Opensystems Architecture, the architect of the awarded design Dice - Retail Display by Marco Vanucci - Opensystems Architecture demonstrates, The project was promoted by the RIBA and aimed at establishing a collaboration between Briti <Cropped>

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Versatile Trays by Saif Faisal

Saif Faisal Discloses The Cork Trays Versatile Trays

Saif Faisal, the maker of the awarded work Cork Trays - VERSATILE TRAYS by Saif Faisal demonstrates, Made in Cork, which is excellent anti-bacterial and moisture proof. It uses two variants of cork to make this minimal, soft and essential object, the <Cropped>

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